Tyre Pressure

Bycicle Tire Pressure Calculator

This calculator estimates optimal tire pressure based on real-world data from professional athletes using professionally specified and maintained equipment. It does not verify the compatibility of the rims/tires you have chosen, nor does it account for the limitations specified by manufacturers of your components. If the recommended pressures exceed your manufacturer's specifications, you must either change components or adjust pressures to meet those specifications. Note: Tubeless setups, especially those not adhering to ETRTO standards, or hookless setups, are very sensitive to pressure. Exceeding manufacturer-recommended pressures can lead to significant risks, including injury, equipment damage, and potentially death.

Optimal Bike Tire Pressure Calculator | Accurate and Easy to Use

Tire Pressure Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the optimal tire pressure based on your total system weight, surface condition, tire width, tire diameter, average speed, and weight distribution. Follow the instructions below and fill in the required fields.

(Rider + Bike + Gear)
Weight input between 75 – 450 lbs or 34 – 205 kg required.
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