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Empowering athletes, from beginners to professionals, to attain success through a comprehensive approach to lifestyle hygiene and an optimized training process.

9:35 IM ARIZONA | 4:30 70.3 IRONMAN | 16:57 5K PB | ironman 70.3 world championship Qualifier

Marc Schwartz

"As a physician-scientist with three young children, I struggled for several years to maintain training consistency and a high level of fitness despite my passion for endurance sports.

Having Breno as my coach for the past year helped me turn this around and achieve more than I thought possible. Breno's deep knowledge of the sport and his ability to plan and adapt training schedules to harmonize with my work, family, and life events have been instrumental to my success.

His flexibility in adjusting workouts to accommodate injuries and setbacks ensured a consistent training journey while taking the guesswork out of how to adjust training when issues arose. At the age of 39, I am currently the fittest I have ever been, thanks to Breno's dedicated coaching. Over the past year, I shattered personal records in both the 5k (16:57) and half-ironman (4:30).

The pinnacle of our collaboration was reaching a lifelong goal: completing a full Ironman for the first time at Ironman Arizona in 9:35. Having Breno at the race, providing support and encouragement all the way to the finish, made the accomplishment even more memorable. Breno's coaching goes beyond the technicalities of training; it embodies mentorship, motivation, and a genuine commitment to the success of his athletes. I am profoundly grateful for the positive impact he has had on my athletic journey, and I am excited about the prospect of what we can achieve working together over the next year and beyond."

Heidi Ironman Kona Qualifier

Heidi Die Wu

"Under the expert guidance of Coach Breno Melo, I started my first Ironman race and qualified for Ironman Kona. His training methods not only prepared me for a triathlon but also pushed me to qualify for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:05. Breno's coaching was the cornerstone of my success, turning ambitious goals into winning realities!"

Aadil Faruqui Ironman Arizona Bike Time Trial
2022 IM 70.3 OREGON: 5:20 | 2023 IM 70.3 OREGON: 4:54 | 2023 IM ARIZONA: 11:16

Aadil Faruqui

“I thought I was training correctly, swimming, biking, and running frequently throughout the week before I started with Breno. However, after two years without structured training and unsatisfactory results, I knew I had to change.

After being coached by Breno, I’ve since completed two half Ironmans, the second being 26 minutes faster than the first one year apart, and a full Ironman in 11 hours. Breno gave me the confidence to achieve goals I never thought possible.

Throughout the process, he became much more than a coach. He cares about your success like a friend and always wants what’s best for your fitness, health, and well-being, inside and outside of sports. I can confidently say I don’t need or want any other coach after working with Breno for nearly two years.”

Tai Temple Boston Marathon Qualifier & Finisher

Tai Temple

"As a busy hospitalist and mother of two active boys, my schedule has always been very chaotic.  Marathon training for me involves between 600 and 900 miles per race. Breno is able to devise and manage a training schedule in a very dynamic way that tailors to my goals of increasing my fitness and speed while incorporating strength training, yoga, and cross-training with biking. 

Even through the demands of medicine during the pandemic and working in two different states, I have been able to train and get faster! I truly enjoy working with Breno."

Huong_Wolf Boston Marathon Qualifier

Huong Wolf

"Breno is a terrific coach. He has a curated program to help super busy business people like me with back-to-back travel, kids, jet-lag, etc. He works in a trust system. You trust that he will give you the best training plan. He trusts that you will execute his plan accordingly.

Breno is also open to altering the training schedule to best fit your busy schedule. Besides, he is a great athlete, a beautiful human being, a great mentor, and a great friend."

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