Heat & Humidity Adjustment Calculator - Running Pace

Heat & Humidity Adjustment Calculator - Running Pace


This calculator helps you adjust your running pace based on the current temperature and humidity conditions. It takes into account how these factors can affect your performance and provides an adjusted pace that reflects these conditions. This can be particularly useful for runners looking to train effectively and safely in varying weather conditions.


1. Normal Pace: Enter your normal running pace in minutes and seconds per mile or per kilometer.

2. Temperature: Enter the current temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Select the appropriate temperature unit (°F or °C) from the dropdown menu.

3. Humidity: Enter the current humidity percentage.

4. Pace Unit: Choose whether you want the adjusted pace to be calculated per mile or per kilometer from the dropdown menu.

5. Race Distance: Enter the race distance in miles or kilometers, matching the unit selected above.

6. Calculate Adjusted Pace: Click the "Calculate Adjusted Pace" button to see the adjusted running pace and the new race time based on the input values.

Running Pace Adjustment Calculator